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ECP Registration

Program Pricing

Pricing for the Before and After Care (FT & PT) Program is based on nine monthly payments, September through May. Care is included for the entire school year, though the month of June is not billed separately. The table below shows the pricing in effect for the 2020-21 year.

Monthly Rates Before
School Care
After Care
After Care
1 Child $148 $213 $301
2 Children $274 $396 $559
3 Children $338 $487 $687


Pricing for the A La Carte Program is based on a DAILY rate. There are no “hourly” rates, whether your child stays for the first 30 minutes, or from beginning until the end of the program day.  The A La Carte Program has an annual registration fee of $10.00.  Bills are sent on a monthly basis based on the A La Carte days used by a family in that month.

Length of School Day Number
of Children
Total Daily Rate
(not per hour)
Regular School Day 1 $29
2 $43
3 $50
Early Dismissal Day 1 $42
2 $62
3 $72
“No School” Day 1 $55
2 $83
3 $96
Morning Care 1 $17
2 $26
3 $30


Program Registration

We offer care in the morning from 7:00am until School opens:

  • Before School CareAttending 1-5 days/week
  • A La CarteAttending as needed (notice required)

We offer 3 different options for care in the afternoons, on early dismissal days and selected days when School is closed:

  • FULL-TIME After School Care Attending 4-5 days/week
  • PART-TIME After School Care Attending 1-3 days/week
  • A La Carte Attending as needed (notice required)

Child Health Inventory and Emergency Forms

All required Maryland State health and emergency forms must be completed in full and brought to the Director via mail, fax, or email, on or before the first day of attendance. CHILDREN MAY NOT ATTEND without all required forms at the site. I agree to update my child’s file information as any changes occur.  The required forms are located here:

Emergency Form

Health Inventory Form

Please use the form below to register for the any of the above programs:

Child #1 First and Last Name:
Child #2 First and Last Name:
Child 2 Grade
Child #3 First and Last Name:
Child 3 Grade

Program Selection

Desired Start Date

Billing Information

As a Maryland Green School, we use email invoicing (this allows you to make payments electronically as well!) Yes! Invoice me by email.

Phone (Home):
Phone (Cell):


Medical Records

I grant permission to the Extended Care Program at St. John the Evangelist to have access and the ability to make copies of my child's medical records.

These records will only be used to maintain compliance with the Child Care Administration.


The Policy Handbook for the Extended Care Program (which incorporates the Code of Conduct of St. John the Evangelist School by reference) is located HERE


Any and all changes to enrollment status in the program (full-time to part-time, part-time to A La Carte, etc.) must be in writing at least one week prior to the effective date. The Change Notification Form is completed online HERE.

All changes in monthly billings will be prorated to the nearest half-month. Invoices will not be voided and over-payments will not be refunded in cases where the above procedures are not properly followed.

Comments or special circumstances
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