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We are fortunate to live in Anne Arundel County because we have some of the finest schools, both public and private. Academics are extremely important, but it is only one piece of how we prepare our children for the world ahead. As a parent we are faced with difficult challenges as we work to raise children of strong character and faith. Beyond what we provide our children regarding faith in the home, I know that the St. John’s School environment provides an extra layer of spiritual reinforcement. When the day comes that I send my children out on their own, I have prepared them not only with a solid academic background, but more importantly an ever faithful life-long relationship with Jesus.”
-Ellen Valle (Mother of Brenna, SJE Class of 2008, Daniela ’09, and Joseph ’15)

“Through our involvement at St John’s we have made some of our closest friends. These are friendships that we will cherish long after our kids graduate. In addition to the individual friendship, there is comfort in knowing that many adults know your children and are looking out for them. The St. John’s community is such a big part of the
school for us. It has made such a positive impact on all our lives.”
-Annie, (Mother of Leo, SJE Class of ’15, Genna ’17, and Meredith ’18)

“Our son has thrived academically, socially and spiritually this year. This is why we send our son to Catholic School. We are very aware of the fact that strong academics is only one component to a well-rounded education that leads to a more fulfilled life. We believe a Catholic education has protective factors woven into its fabric that include acceptance, love for others, charity, kindness, and that you are surrounded by people who will love you through your challenges. St. John is a very special place and we are truly blessed to be able to send our child to St. John… needless to say we have found home.”
-Alexandra, (Mother of Ethan, SJE Class of 2020)

“Tommy (SJE Class of 2003) is enjoying Villanova very much. He got a work study job at Villanova’s Office of Mission Effectiveness, which I believe will assist him in growing in his faith. He will look into working with Young Life in Philadelphia, and he’s applying to serve as a Big Brother. He is working very hard in school and spends a lot of time studying. Engineering is what he’s thinking of majoring in. He says Villanova is an academically challenging school, with great teachers and great students. So, a grateful mother says thank you for all the guidance and help that you gave him along his path. I’m sure he’ll always hold a special place in his heart for each one of you.”
Susan Bennington (Mother of Margie ’01, Tommy ’03, and Timmy ’13)

“Our family enjoyed our time in the St. John PreK program. The dedicated teachers provided a safe, nurturing environment for their little students. It was a pleasure to see so many friendly, happy faces (children and teachers) and a classroom filled with love, learning, and laughter.”
Shannon Carannante (Mother of Sofia ’21 and Liliana ’22)

“Being able to attend the same school with the same group of people for nine years allowed me to develop lifelong relationships that aided in my growth in those younger years. It is a phenomenal place for today’s youth because it has backbone built upon strong Catholic morality and value. This translates into young girls and boys with a greater understanding of prioritizing their education. St. John’s is a special place because of its smaller size, its religious focus, and its attention to the detail of a child’s development.
My St. John’s education strengthened my character and provided a strong foundation, which paid many dividends and made my success in high school (Mount Saint Joseph) and college (Penn State University) possible.”
J. T. Farcosky, SJE Class of 1999

“The one thing that I really love for myself and for my son (and all the students at St. John’s) is the beautiful prayers that Sister Mary Jane does every morning. This is such a wonderful way to start the day. We put God first and pray for so many needs. It helps me to slow down and reflect before the busy day begins. If my son and I were not at St. John’s, we would really be missing something so spiritual and extraordinary.”
Karen O’Connell (Grade 1 Teacher Assistant and Mother of Daniel, SJE Class of 2010)